Future Plastic’s Kydex infused imaging is in demand

Future Plastic’s Kydex infused imaging is in demand

In Q1 2021, Future Plastics was awarded a contract to supply 180 different plastic part numbers for use on an exciting new first class seating program. The parts include intricate thermoformed components that are moulded from Kydex infused imaging sheet materials. The contract also includes a suite of complex higher-level assemblies. Future plastics were selected for this exciting project for a variety of reasons including –

  • Desire and technical thermoforming ability to work with new and innovative materials such as Kydex Infused Imaging.
  • Partnering approach and flexibility during test phases of new programs.
  • Proven ability to supply complex thermoformed parts and higher-level assemblies
  • Proven ability to manage supply chain
  • Proven ability to service multiple locations in different countries
  • Quality Standards. AS9100
  • Competitive Pricing
    • Tooling
    • Production Parts
  • Quick turnaround on FAI’s
  • Documented consistent past performance
    • Quality 99.6%
    • Delivery 99.8%

Future Plastics were initially drawn to this project due to the design possibilities of the new material specified for the project. Kydex Infused Imaging™ is a Crystal Cabin Award-winning, proprietary process that embeds imagery into thermoplastic material. It gives designers, seat manufacturers, and airlines the power to create bespoke environments using colour, images, and texture without sacrificing strength and durability. The material puts colour, special effect, and imagery into thermoplastics to personalize the passenger experience and convey brand stories. Because the imagery is in the material, not on it, it does not chip, fade, or delaminate the way capped and traditionally printed images can.

This thermoformable material enables airlines to accurately and attractively reproduce any image onto a new generation of surfaces of any shape, with a remarkable soft touch texture that’s something like silicone bakeware. The team at Future Plastics were immediately excited about the endless design possibilities that this material offered, particularly when you compare the alternative of using printed silk screen or digitally printed materials to achieve a similar finish. With traditional printing, you would see a lot of distortion on the parts because the inks would spread out.

Future Plastics are aware that passenger health is at the forefront of the passenger experience requiring materials that are chemical resistant, inherently antimicrobial, and will not be stained by harsh cleaning agents. The materials also need to look distinctive and current. KYDEX® Thermoplastics are inherently antimicrobial and available with additional antimicrobial protection. Premium KYDEX ION Technology TM and KYDEX® MB materials are durable, chemical- and stain- resistant. They are ideal for high touch areas of the aircraft cabin and Future Plastics are skilled with design, development, manufacture of products that use these materials and many more. Common aircraft seating components produced at our Irish facility include tray tables, seat backs, armrests, IFE bezels, privacy panels, literature holders and shroud covers.

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