Ouno Creative Digital Cabin

Digital Cabin 2.0 – How the Ouno Creative team made the Digital Cabin concept a reality

Following the successful launch of the Digital Cabin at last year’s AIX event, the design and development team at Ouno Creative have been hard at work making radical improvements to the product performance, User Experience and User Interface.

Digital Cabin 2.0  launched in late January with a host of enhancements including:

  • Dramatically faster loading speeds across the entire site
  • New Seamless transitioning between cabin 3D scenes delivering a significantly better User Journey
  • Streamlined User Interface design that reduces screen clutter
  • New Cabin navigator map with ‘Field of View’ radar
  • New Split-screen comparative dual view feature to showcase different cabin lighting scenarios
  • New Materials swatch selector function that can display a range of fabrics and material finishes applied to cabin products
  • New Screen snapshot function allowing users to save and download images of material selections applied to 3D products
  • New Video content placement option within a company 3D scene
  • New Discreet navigation and help menu
  • New Homepage featuring a full aircraft-length scene selector active map
  • Animated hot spots and more cabin locations

“We think this better looking, better performing version of the Digital Cabin will thrill our existing customers and is already attracting many new ones,” says Ouno Creative Director Simon Pipe. “The powerful new features such as the Materials Swatches Selector and the Split-View Slider are really useful sales presentation tools. Factor in massively faster page load speeds plus the seamless movement between 3D scenes and the Digital Cabin is really living up to the hype!”

Ouno's Sam - Cinema 4D


Technical capabilities matched to creative vision
Nicola Green, Marketing & Engagement Manger at ADS and one of project originators adds “Ouno understood what we were wanting to achieve right from the start and, through their technical ability and vision, we have achieved something unique for our sectors. Initial teething problems around download speed and navigation have been resolved in this latest version and we can’t wait to start showing it to buyers”.

Ouno Creative technical lead Elroy Blackwood is particularly proud of this new version.

Ouno's Technical Lead Elroy


“Delivering the launch version of the Digital Cabin was a major achievement in it’s own right. We used a wide mix of web technologies that needed to play together nicely if we were to deliver an editable, immersive 3D environment that displayed in real-time. Not an easy task, but we did it.”

“Digital Cabin 2.0 is a major advance on the launch version,” Elroy enthuses. “Our team listened carefully to feedback from ADS members and site visitors and rapidly turned their recommendations into reality. Speed of loading pages and user ‘disorientation’ whilst navigating the 3D cabin were two priority issues we have now nailed.”

Powerful new sales and marketing features
Ouno designer Hassan Ismaili has been involved with the Digital Cabin project right from the start, working on UI design and content management. He is really pleased with the powerful new tools available to users in our latest version.

“Each company has their own dedicated unique 3D scene within which they can showcase their products and capabilities. For companies like TT Electronics and STG Aerospace the Split-View Slider feature allows them to display both day and night cabin lighting scenes seamlessly side-by-side.”

Ouno's Hassan - 3D Digital Cabin


Hassan says, “I also love the new Materials Swatch Selector function we’ve added. It allows companies to realistically demonstrate how a range of fabrics and finishes will look when applied to cabin interiors and products. For example, users can change the fabric colour and pattern of a seat covering, choose which armrest finishes they would like to see or even change the style of the carpet throughout the cabin. A screen snapshot feature allows users to save images of their material selections applied to a 3D scene. These can then be shared with colleagues, clients and customers.”

Accelerating into the future
The Digital Cabin platform will continue to evolve and improve, say the team at Ouno Creative. They are now working on improving the mobile version and developing a Digital Cabin optimised for exhibitions that runs on large touch screens and VR headsets.

That’s more good news for ADS members who are already onboard with the Digital Cabin experience.

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