Flitetec Ltd – Christmas Wishes and plans for stability in 2022

Here at Flitetec we are tangibly less worried about next year than we were at this time last year. This year has brought us a significant multi-year contract that will add to our stability in 2022 and we have learnt at a group level how to market diversify and truly leverage our core experience.

We are all going to wish for a little more stability in supply chains though, we are currently in the process of upscaling our parts sourcing team so that we can provide our customers with both faster results and assured levels of quality. Finding parts has become a universal challenge now and like a newborn bounty hunter we have converted what was once a small part of customer service into an entirely separate revenue stream.

2021 made us focus on our core building blocks. Manufacturing, Approvals, Distribution & Experience which resulted in our MADE rebranding, an impressive new website and participation in ADS’s pioneering Digital Cabin. The new virtual world further inspired us to create a video tour of our manufacturing capacity and capability and to focus on what is deliverable even under difficult market conditions.

We are assisting struggling airlines to receive manufactured parts in less than two weeks, we know they need to keep going, they are the life blood of Aerospace.

We are wishing for success with our composite honeycomb board manufacture, destined for storage areas in the cabin, and with our extended capabilities for civil and military helicopter parts and our now perfected manufacture of windows and transparencies.

A lot of these services we were already doing, albeit at a very low level, and I confess that we were blind to our market uniqueness as both a manufacturer and distributor. Supplying assembled distribution items is adequately in the scope of all of our quality approvals and is a valued service for OEM’s with capacity and skills issues.

It would be borderline arrogant to say we planned all of this and the more I reflect on this abundant diversification and our emergence as a turnkey operation, it probably all came down to a simple yet powerful observation and question. We are doing all this today, now where else is all this useful ?

It is our most fervent wish for our cherished Aerospace Industry to bounce back next year and quickly, before any more casualties result.  That virus has created a lot of chaos. Flitetec is an authorized distributor for MX14 Aero, a three-in-one water based cleaner, conditioner and Covid slayer (yes a sanitizer on contact) with comprehensive 2021 testing and performance to new and exacting Airbus & Boeing specifications. We now know a lot about viruses too.

So, this has been an interesting and somewhat exhausting year and we wish for more challenges next year. There is a certain satisfaction in being stretched and we wish for an abundant and rapid re-emergence of Aerospace & Air Travel.