Welcome aboard

The immersive showcase for next generation aircraft interiors Start exploring now!

How to look around

Look around a scene by clicking and dragging the background image.

How to explore

Blue dots help you navigate the Digital Cabin.
Red dots are interactive and will provide you with more information.
Clicking on company logos will direct you to their seat in the Digital Cabin.

How to navigate

Home - Go back to where you entered the cabin
Back - Takes you back a step
Toggle between various options in the seats
Help - Brings you back to this screen.

Know your location

Know where you are at all times using the locator map.

Business Class

Passenger Controls - TT Electronics Premium Seating - AIRTEK

Premium Economy Opposite Aisle

Lighting - STG Aerospace

Premium Economy/Economy

Plastic Components - IPC Mouldings Plastic Components - Flitetec Fabrics - Bradfor ltd Plastic Components - Future Plastics Composites - CeCence Passenger Controls - TT Electronics